Sunday, October 30, 2011

1st "big" Coupon trip

Yesterday I gathered up my adds and my coupons. I have been holding off on shopping for a few weeks so we needed everything. I spent several hours trying to match coupons and adds. I was overwhelmed and my girls were underfoot. A friend and I decided to try the drug store.  I had a coupon for Axe buy 1 get 1, it was on sale for buy 1 get one at 50% off. Coupons for toothpaste that would be "like free" with register rewards. Also a coffee coupon that when paired with the sale would make it half price. So we went in and spent about a half hour picking up the 5 items that I needed. Making sure that they were the right one for the coupon ect. So we go to the register. After some debate I paid for the 50% off Axe and got the full price one free. They are normally 5.49 each and I paid less than 3 dollars for 2. My register rewards however did not print for the toothpaste. The clerk said that they print automatically. If they did not print then I did not have the right item. So I returned the toothpaste.After my return I ended up with 2 body washes and a canister of coffee for 3.99. Not bad but it was very stressful. We made it to 2 other stores for price comparison but didn't get my major shopping done. Hopefully today will go better because we are out of everything!! If anyone has tips or suggestions it would be appreciated.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Found a Freebie!!

I had printed a few coupons off Targets website. One for a dollar of 2 packs of Extra gum. I was super excited tonight to find them on clearance for .48 a pack. It's funny to me how the free gum has made my whole day brighter!!

Who am I

I have always loved a bargain. I am amazed at all the deals that are out there. I am starting to coupon and trying to save as many pennies as I can. This blog will be my journey. I think it will be fun to look back and see how saving money will evolve for me. Will if be a hobby, a passion, a full time job? I will be posting the bargains I find, my shopping trip results, any tips I come across and talking about how being cheap is affecting my family. I hope others will share their experiences with me!!